Joel Heng Hartse

Hello, I am Joel. I have two careers.

In one, I teach and do research about writing at the University of British Columbia. I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Language & Literacy Education, where I teach in the UBC-Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program(s) and UBC's TESL Certification program. My dissertation examines standard language ideology and the globalization of English through examining English instructors' reactions to sentence-level usages they perceive as unacceptable written English -- in the context of China. 


In the other, I write about popular music. Over the last decade, I've written for publications like Paste, Geez, Blurt, Christianity Today, Beliefnet, the Portland Mercury, and a number of others. I also wrote a book called Sects, Love and Rock & Roll: BUY IT! (click here)

You can click on the things below to get some idea of what I'm up to.

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